Danilo Martinuzzi was born in Fossalta di Portogruaro (Venice) in 1944.
After practising multifarious jobs of arts and craft in his native land, he finally moved to Turin, where he lives and works.

Over the last two decades he alternated a silent and restless production of works of art to the practice of his job.

He took part in TV programs and worked in advertising teams. In 1989, 1990, 1991 some of his works were displayed at the Art exhibitions of the Promotrice delle Belle Arti of Turin.
In 1996 he was awarded the first prize at the "Premio per la Pace" ("Prize for Peace") in the section of Photography.
He exhibited his works in public and private venues (exhibition halls of the City Council, art galleries), joining the group of artists employed by Turin City Council to implement an awareness campaign for waste-recycling (Motors Museum, summer 1997).
Again in 1997 as member of a team he organised the exhibition on Alessandro Cruto and the discovery of Electricity. On this occasion he displayed four educational panels concerning the use of electricity.
In 1998 he exhibited a substantial part of his works in the "Casa della Tigre" ("House of the tiger"), former Turin zoo, and in the gallery of the "Villa Tesoriera".

Following his debut as a painter, he has been developing new skills and new working techniques constantly applied to his art up to now. In experiencing different forms of art such as drawing and engraving, macrophotography, static and kinetic sculpture, the artist usually devises and constructs both his works of art and his own working tools without any informational support.

The several static and dynamic works included in this site show the creativity and versatility of the artist, together with his outstanding inclination to experiment and invent, in keeping with the idea of art as a modern educational medium, useful and enjoyable for the wider public.

The "usefulness" characterising Martinuzzi's works does not prevent the eye of the observer from noticing numerous references to a reknown and learned figurative tradition.

Some of his works have been displayed at "Experimenta 2001- Torino", yearly exhibition of Art, Science and Technology.

Contacts: art@danilomartinuzzi.it